How to Avoid Hosting a Bad Meeting

Meetings are an important event for any office. They are one of the few chances throughout the week when colleagues come together to share and learn face-to-face instead of via email. Although it may not seem very difficult to host a good meeting, the task is bigger than it sounds. These tips and tricks will …Read More


4 Apps for Meetings You Must Know About

There is nothing worse than getting into a meeting and realizing that you have forgotten your presentation clicker or there is no set-up for a conference call and you can’t get your team from Tokyo to join the meeting. Situations like this can stress you out, and we want to do everything to avoid that; …Read More


5 Things You Should Know About Meeting Etiquette

You know those subjects that are considered “universal knowledge”? You are expected to know everything about them but not many people want to discuss them? Well, meeting etiquette is one of them. When you’re invited to a meeting, you are expected to follow certain guidelines in order for the meeting to run effectively and efficiently. …Read More