Conference Planning Checklist

Planning a conference has many moving parts. When executed correctly, conferences can provide new insight, inspiration, and motivation to attendees. Conferences can be extremely beneficial for start-ups and legendary companies alike. The conference planning checklist outlined here aims to help your company hold a successful event for all in attendance.  A clear vision Before you …Read More


10 Unique Ways to Promote an Event

You’ve done it! You have crafted the perfect event, you know every detail of the evening and every ingredient on the menu. The guest speaker has been booked, the theme has been chosen, you are well on your way to throwing an epic event. However, with great events comes one very important factor, guests! We …Read More


Presentation Techniques Every Professional Should Master

It’s no secret that presentation skills can make a world of difference when it comes to portraying professionalism and proper body mannerisms for public speaking. It is also no secret that public speaking is no easy task to master. In fact, according to the Washington Post in 2014, the fear of public speaking was ranked …Read More


The Best Snacks for Meetings

A crucial part of keeping an office up and running is happy, healthy employees. One of the ways to foster this environment is by keeping the office well-stocked with snacks for meetings and some easy foods to grab on-the-go. Well-fed employees are more productive and communicative. Take a look at these easy and accommodating snacks …Read More