Event Space Site Visit Checklist

There is so much to account for when planning an event: the guests, food, activities, and the site itself.  All of these factors play a large role in ensuring that the event is productive, enjoyable, and a positive experience for all involved. However, in the midst of fulfilling all of the necessary requirements for a …Read More


Corporate Icebreakers to Try

Attending an important corporate event or meeting is no easy task. There is often a variety of mixed feelings and nerves involved. Luckily for us, there are solutions to combat the stress and tension that may accompany attending a corporate event. Those solutions are called ice breakers, in this case corporate ice breakers. Don’t run, …Read More


Funny Business Quotes: The Key to Success

A meeting on the agenda can make or break your day. Some meetings are full of vibrant ideas while others can seem tedious. However, all meetings have the potential to be positive influences in the workplace with a clear direction and train of thought. One way to establish this is to reference funny business quotes. Not only can …Read More


Brainstorming Techniques To Maximize Effectiveness

Gathering your team for a brainstorming session can be exceptionally beneficial or a devastating waste of time. To have a productive meeting, you must prepare for it in advance. Below, you can find five brainstorming techniques that will help you lead impactful sessions with actionable output. Assign a Moderator Although the entire purpose of brainstorming is …Read More