7 steps to flawless hybrid meetings and events!

Albert Einstein once said “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Technology can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you can remember this rule of thumb and keep it simple. Social technology is constantly evolving and it’s easy to get tempted by innovative features and cutting-edge capabilities, but …Read More


Faking Confidence: 15 Public Speaking Tips You Haven’t Heard Before

Every business man and woman must master public speaking to articulate ideas and concepts effectively. However, not everyone feels comfortable speaking in front of supervisors and coworkers at corporate meetings. The key is confidence, or rather faking confidence. At your next event, think of these tips to appear self-assured, authentic and professional. Your presence can …Read More


OFFSITE’s 3 Tips for Event Planners

While OFFSITE NYC boasts a three story event space, we packed the same high energy, colorful and stimulating environment into a booth for the EMRG Event Expo this month! In our third year of attendance, OFFSITE met new contacts and reconnected with other planners and industry peers. After engaging with hundreds of booth visitors, OFFSITE Director …Read More


Keeping your Meeting or Event technologically innovative!

When it comes to running an engaging and effective meeting, you need to be connected. Not just connected to your guests, but also technology! This includes Wi-Fi, TVs, Computers, Sound Systems, and even iPads or tablets. Not everyone can benefit from just a paper and pencil in the board room, so make sure you are …Read More