Getting to know OFFSITE: Director of OFFSITE Chicago Maddie Yastrow prepares to open the company’s second venue

Maddie Yastrow is eager to take her years of experience producing food television programs nationwide back to her native city as Director of OFFSITE Chicago in September. Having traveled to restaurants all over America for her last job, her background in hospitality is vast and her ability to manage events has been tested time and …Read More


Getting to know OFFSITE: Director of Communications Sarah Vaynerman shares why she loves working with #eventprofs

If you’ve ever run into OFFSITE on social media, at a trade show or an events industry event or attended a workshop at the venue itself, chances are you’ve interacted with Director of Communications Sarah Vaynerman. “My job is to stay active and conversational in what the industry as a whole is doing and to …Read More


Getting to know OFFSITE: Events Coordinator Sara Kay shares her experience as the venue’s Jane of all Trades

For Events Coordinator Sara Kay, who has been with OFFSITE since the very beginning, every day is a new experience. “Since every meeting and event is very different, my responsibilities vary from day to day, but the bottom line is that it’s my job to make sure everything goes smoothly for our guests – from …Read More


Getting to know OFFSITE: Interview with designer Jack Ovadia

Just over five years in business and Ovadia Design Group has already made a name for itself in New York City. With a complete range of architectural interiors and interior design services, Ovadia prides itself in creating dynamic, concept-driven environments that effortlessly translate brand identity. OFFSITE chose the boutique firm to design its first location …Read More


Getting to know OFFSITE: An Interview with Co-Founders Shaun Kessler and Patrick Everett

Shaun Kessler was an interactive designer running a boutique agency with clients all over the tri-state area. His meetings were always poised to be creative power-sessions that would yield engaging marketing campaigns, but at times those efforts would be thwarted by the uninspiring settings in which they took place. “Thinking outside the box while trapped …Read More