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"A call center is very unique type of office. Therefore a call center's headsets have to be designed to meet the needs of the environment."

MPC Call Center Chooses Plantronics

Summary: After months of testing the noise reduction capabilities of headsets in a close cubicle call center environment, MPC Call Centers has chosen Plantronics as their headset vendor because of its superior noise reduction as compared to other leading headset brands.

MPC Call Center has announced that it has chosen Plantronics Inc. to exclusively supply the contact center with telephone headsets for their operators. The New York based call center went with the headset pioneer, feeling that Plantronics is the only company that can meet their needs. Headsets are often an afterthought to call centers, or decisions are made based on price alone. Yet, choosing a headset is often the single most important decision that a call center can make for sound quality purposes. The single most important asset to a headset used in a call center is noise cancelling capabilities. Noise cancelling headphones reduce noise by filtering background noise. While many companies offer the noise cancelling or reducing variety of headphones, in our tests done in our call center we observed that the Plantronics models significantly reduced the many noises that occur in a call center environment.

Plantronics, Inc. broke into the headset industry in 1962. In the past 26 years Plantronics has become the world's leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing of lightweight headset products. Plantronics headsets are the most widely used in the world. They are used by consumers, Fortune 500 corporations, and call centers, both big and small. Plantronics headsets are a part of our nation's history including transmitting the "One small step for man" from the moon on July 20, 1969. Plantronics is a publicly held company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol PLT. The Headset giant has its headquarters in Santa Cruz, California. There are also offices throughout the United States and the world with offices in twenty countries.

A call center is very unique type of office. Therefore a call center's headsets have to be designed to meet the needs of the environment. In addition the headsets have to be able to meet the floor layout of every individual call center. Call centers are designed with operators distinctly divided or with operator's right next to each other. In either case noise cancellation must be a part of the headset equation. Due to the noise levels that occur in most call centers, choosing a headset can be the difference between a pleasant call experience and one that leaves a your caller questioning the professionalism of your office. In a call center environment, it is very important for the person listening on the phone to be able to hear the agent clearly as well as all background noise to be filtered out.

Choosing Plantronics meant bypassing cheaper alternatives as MPC will typically go through thousands of headsets in a given year. Yet, the decision was based solely on the quality of the product that Plantronics delivers. Cecile Williams, General Manager of MPC, stated that you cannot put a price tag on the sound quality of the phone call. "At a call center, the final product that is being sold is a phone call. No matter how well the call is handled, the quality of the sound is vital to the experience of the caller." Williams said. Plantronics was the only logical choice in headsets.

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