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Tips for Telephone Sales Skills

Cold calling - it's the toughest task in the business. Avoided by both the company and the consumer, potential clients dislike receiving sales calls just as much as sales agents dislike making them. But there are a few practices that if put in place and used religiously, can make calls pleasant for the caller and recipient alike, and as an added bonus, will set the bar higher for bringing in new customers, and will help you keep them.

The first problem that telemarketers often encounter is how to get past that crucial greeting, when the potential client can smell the sale from the minute you say "hello". The best way to get past your first few words is to utterly disarm your target by stating your name and your purpose almost immediately. Don't use a lot of fancy language and vague descriptions. Get to the point. "Hi, my name is Jim. I'm calling today from Company X because we are offering a complimentary gym membership for one month to our neighbors in the area." See how Jim relayed his reason for calling quickly and effortlessly? We know who he is, where he's from, and what he wants - or in this case, what he wants to give us. For the person on the receiving end of this call, just that first sentence is all it takes to make your mark. The more quickly you get your proposal on the table, the more likely the consumer is to respond positively. Proceed to the bottom line.

What about the actual offer? What are you presenting that is of value to your potential client? Are you padding your spiel with a bunch of fodder about how Venus Industries can give them more than Mars Industries, or are you actually giving your hopeful customers the opportunity to experience Venus Industries' promises up close and personal? The trick here is to let your potential customers know that this isn't some telemarketing scheme wherein they have to pay taxes on a free gift, or where you are doing a "survey" for a local company, but a real opportunity for them to test out a new product or even simply to learn more about something that may be of interest and use to them. Everyone wants something for nothing. Once you get past the hurdle of your client accepting the trial offer, that's when you can truly sell them on the hallmarks of your business, and why you are number one.

Be prepared with proof, when the consumer on the other end of the line wants to know why they should take time out of their busy day to listen to you. What references can you offer them? What small guarantee do they have that your call is not a gigantic waste of their time? Have at your fingertips a wealth of information about your company that can be sent out along with your offer, and where possible, a list of satisfied customers willing to spread their positive experience throughout the land.

And most importantly, it is incredibly crucial to your success to remember the following: kill them with kindness. Did you ever "hear the smile" in someone's voice when they answered the phone? This is the kind of attitude you need to portray with each call. Always be courteous, professional, respectful and friendly. That in itself speaks volumes, and will put the person on the receiving end of your call at ease almost immediately.

Here's the moral of the story. Be a source of positivity as you dial each new number. Present your offer quickly and efficiently, and in the nicest possible manner. Don't beat around the bush or expend precious time in tedious details. It's a busy world we live in, and people are always on the go. The goal is to offer them a resource or product that can help improve the quality of their lives - and that goal can only be achieved if quality customer service is at the backbone of your organization.

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