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Using the Telephone to Get New Customers

Business owners know, no one likes a telemarketer. Cold calling is one of the most dreaded tasks in the industry, because rejection is never easy to take, no matter who you are. And yet when it comes to reeling in new customers quickly, telephone marketing is the fastest technique, and sometimes can produce impressive results. So how do you approach your potential clients for maximum results every time? Here's a way to attract positive attention. Let your honesty do the talking.

"Hi, my name is Maria, from Dr. Sha's office in Philadelphia. We're calling businesses in the area to offer three free chiropractic care sessions to the folks in your office. We'd like you to come in and check out our services for free, with absolutely no strings attached. Does that sound like something that would be of interest to you or your colleagues?"

And right from the start, there are several positive tactics that will set you apart from your competitors. First, the telemarketer did not ask to speak with the person in charge or the benefits administrator, she was marketing to her first point of contact, and as anyone running a front desk knows, if you get by the receptionist, you have a chance of succeeding!

Second, the telemarketer did not try to cover up or side step the reason why she was calling. She offered no vague descriptions, but instead got directly to the point. Friendly and accessible, this telemarketer was not "doing a survey" or enticing you to switch long distance providers. She presented her offer readily, so that there is little chance for the one answering to become bored or put off and hang up. Remember, everyone has a job to do. The more quickly you get your proposal on the table, the more likely the consumer is to respond positively. Get to the bottom line.

Next was the actual offer. What are you presenting that is of value to your potential client? Are you filling your air time with a song and dance about why Company A can give them more than Company B, or are you actually giving them the opportunity to experience Company A's promises first-hand? In this case, three free sessions at a chiropractor can be worth $100 or more, depending on the office, so that value alone is enough to stimulate the recipient to "straighten up". Everyone wants something for nothing! Now of course, once you get a new client on the hook with such a stand up offer, it's a lot easier to keep them for the long haul.

When you are in the business of making your business known to a lot of people in a short amount of time, there are two clichés to live by: 1) you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, and 2) honesty is the best policy. Always be courteous, always be respectful and friendly - so the person on the receiving end of your call is at ease almost immediately. And always be truthful and to the point. People are so busy these days, no one has time to waste on a concept - they need to experience things in real time. Chances are, people will be so pleased with the way you have presented yourself and represented your organization, that they won't really be as interested in what you are selling, as how they good you make them feel when they're buying.

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