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"The Skype VOIP telephone service can help save small businesses money by reducing their telephone bills."

Skype, the Best Friend of Small Business

If you are a small business owner and make a lot of long distance calls, and you're not using Skype, drop everything you're doing and sign up for a free account. This free phone service can also help boost your business' productivity and sales.

The benefits of using Skype are plentiful. For one, Skype calls to other Skype users are free regardless of location. Skype also has more features than many mobile/telephone plans, such as audio conferencing. This makes Skype ideal for very small office/home office professionals, high-volume domestic and/or international callers, independent consultants, real estate agents.the list goes on. Skype is especially useful if you require multiple "local" numbers around the U.S./World. Lastly, Skype works with newer high-tech phones, in addition to using a Personal Computer.

Skype isn't perfect, however, and has limitations in a few areas. For one, features and collaborative tools are impossible to use if the other party doesn't also have Skype. Skype to Skype calls are free where if you want to call a cell phone or land line, you will need to sign up for their premium service (which is still cheaper than any service a telephone company can provide). Reliability is also dependent upon your internet connection/PC stability. Also, if But if you also need a main phone number, auto attendant, multiple extensions, etc., Skype is not able to provide that. You will need to either get a basic service from your telephone company or small business can use an answering service which would provide them with a toll free telephone number, voicemail boxes, and a 24 hour secretary.

Overall though, using Skype can save your small business hundreds of dollars a year in telephone charges. Best of all, Skype can allow your business to be more competitive, productive and cost- effective than with any other service.

In summary, if you make a lot of business calls and you're not yet using Skype, make signing up for a free account your next priority. You will kick yourself for not getting on board sooner!

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